Job Search

imageFor starters, I am certainly not an employed journalist. I have a small job in a small town which is expected of a high school senior. Officially accepted into the University of my choice I have big things ahead of me, that is, if I don’t mess it all up. I am editor of my school’s newspaper and I intern with a local program aiming to provide for small businesses as well as connecting the community. I beleive that I live on a writers earth. Not a singers or a mariners. Part of my belief as a human being is that I am here for a reason. No matter what the reason may be, I will only achieve it by listening to my heart, taking cues from my surroundings, and writing down every moment that I feel influences and advances my being. No one’s beliefs or goals are the same. I’m living on a writers earth. My own creation because I am going to write it my own way. That’s my story. What’s yours? Are you on a writers earth too or do you have a passion different from mine? Please, comment I want to know your stories! OPTIMISTIC TIP: Smile. It shouldn’t hurt anybody.

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