Travelling for some people is a releaseIMG_0005 and for others it’s a hell. Travelling can be going a few miles to visit family, going cross country for a competition of sorts, or going over seas for new perspectives. No matter what, the act of removing oneself from their day to day environment and broadening their horizons to new places is a positive act no matter how grueling the process may be to some. My whole life I have traveled and two years ago I traveled for the first time internationally. There is something about the new foods and customs, the styles, and views that is simply revitalizing. Traveling brings knowledge, health, and experience. There is one thing, however, about everywhere you can go that doesn’t change- the sky. Stars are always there at night hanging silently with the moon. The sun comes up and down as it sleeps and awakens with the world. No matter what, it is always snowing, raining, or shining bright somewhere in the world. It’s just one way to realize that we are all connected by something. We don’t live in spaceships controlling the weather together, but we live on the same earth facing the weather together. No matter how negative the world can seem at times it’s nice to have that escape. We can always look up when things are rough and realize we are all under the same sky.  

OPTIMISTIC TIP: Do not let other peoples happiness bring you down. Look at other people’s joy as a reason to smile, therefore, improving your day. Look at a strangers smile, a friends laugh, a family members joy, a teachers giddiness all as reminders of the good stuff in life. Reminders of the fact that happiness does exist and that everyone has their moments. It’s up to you, not any one else, to make your day.

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