Innovate Live 2015

What is innovation? If you have been following my twitter or Instagram recently you would know that over the past weekend I attended an event called Innovate Live.image

This three day event allowed successful business owners and innovators from all over the United States to come and talk to beginning entrepreneurs, journalists, or curious community members looking for inspiration and advice.

Over the course of the weekend I learned that innovation isn’t just doing. Innovation is using the resources you have to create a process and a plan which you can then implement and use to do good. I learned so much from listening to successful speakers, but in the end it comes to whether or not everyone in the room got up and implemented what was said in the conversations or if they just went home and took naps.

While I sat in conferences, workshops, and interviews, some of my family helped people plant flowers, paint, and just help with any necessary housework. Innovation doesn’t mean advancing towards a larger paycheck or investing in yourself. Inn

ovating may also mean investing yourself in the community that you live in so that you can make the changes you want to see. Innovate to be greater, innovate to create a better community, innovate to do good.

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