The (Almost) Perfect Dark Lip

I’ve always loved using dark lip colors, but I have always had problems with lipstick chunking up on my lips throughout the day, dry flaking of a color too vibrant, or splotchy tones. Have you ever had to keep applying your lipstick making your lips become dry and cracked creating a not too hot lip? Using the following tips we are going to fix that.

The Wet n Wild Creme Lip liner in                the color Fab Fushia.

Iimagef you have troubles keeping a steady hand or do not like a look that is too “un-contained” start by lightly lining and blending your lip shape before beginning the look.

Beeswax Winter Lip     Balm with Shae Butter from a local              soap maker.

1. Moiimagesturize– To prevent clumping and cracking throughout the day, make sure to moisturize the lip with a substance that really sinks into the lip. If you simply use a smeary chap stick it will only make the clumping worse. Keeping the lips moisturized will help reduce the number of times you will need to reapply giving you a steady warm color throughout the day. This look is great for a smoky day look that you can carry out into evening events. Layer on the lip balm using your finger making sure to cover the entire lip.

2. Applimagey by Dabbing– Apply the dark lipstick by imagedabbing. DO NOT smear the lipstick on. This will create a sticky and easily clumped and messy look. Do not worry about the exact outcome yet. Simply quickly dab the lipstick onto the lip covering the entire surface. Remember, the look will not be perfect here.

Here I used Blast flip stick blendable lip duo 860 intense from Cover Girl. Only using the darker shade. Label pictured in step #3.

image3. Blend– Now, using a finger, blend in thimagee color. This will create a soft yet smoky look. You can dab on as many layers as necessary as long as you blend between every layer.

The finished look!

4. Finalize– Now is when you want to perfect the look. Add extra lining or dab and blend some more. However, DO NOT dab the lips with a tissue. Allow the lips to air dry. As you eat and drink throughout the day the look will become softer and more airy. Feel free to reapply throughout the day by dabbing, gently rubbing in and not smearing.

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