The Dance

5,6,7,8 and


Look up.

Don’t be afraid of those thousand eyes staring back through the dark unlit stage.


A star in the night sky wouldn’t shy away

so wheres the star on this unlit stage


The sun is out

The wind picks up and



So little star where have you gone


a bright unforgiving flower


Now the wind is dangerous

ripped up

roots are showing

dirt is blowing


Quicker now

Don’t stop

the evening sky is glowing and little star

little star is showing

and the flower stopped growing


Its almost over

there, see it?

the eye of the hurricane

Open wide your mouth little star

and gulp up that storm

once so small now you are eating rage for dinner


Its over now

don’t let go yet

stay strong

here comes the sun and what is it bringing

and 1

A field of flowers under a sky of a thousand million




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