Kiss My Class Goodbye

It’s my last day as a senior.
Tomorrow as I march across that stage
drowning inside a large white gown topped with a flat white cap,
a blue tassel tossed over the wrong side

Only photo I took on my last day as a high school senior.

for the sake of the photographer,
I’ll smile with relief.
These past four years were great
There are the teachers I’ll never forget
And the ones I wish I could.
Always and forever I’ll remember those
Of my friends who stayed close to me.
And to those who chose popularity
Over fun and honesty.
I hope life kicks you hard.
To those quiet kids who made it through,
I applaud you.
To those jocks..
I probably won’t remember you.
My dearest boyfriend
With what all we have been through
Only God knows what the future holds
But, man, I’ll never forget
Or stop loving
Thank you school lunches
Power drunk principles
And especially low social student standards
For helping me through.
Day after day of dressing for success
It’s those days stuntin’ sweatpants
In the church up the hill
Drooling over AP tests
That pushed me through.
And to the guidance counselor who told me there were students who deserved the honors classes more than me,
You can kiss my class goodbye
As I shake that grey haired man’s hand
And accept my diploma
And walk out that door with that not quite 4.0
Shout out to those kids who talked to me when their “friends” weren’t looking.
Goodluck to you freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.
You are going to need it.
After winning prom queen,
cutest couple, and a few awards in dance and forensics. After drama club, foreign language club, student council, mentorship, newspaper, yearbook, key club, leadership, and some other club I didn’t even know I was in…
I’m ready to graduate.
Hello world.
I dipped my toes into what you had to offer
Now here I am living what I’ve been dreaming
Jumping, diving full speed
Into whatever it is you’ve got to give.

By: Emma Sue Sims

One thought on “Kiss My Class Goodbye

  1. A great gift of words to describe you years leading up to & today graduating. Congratulations special child / adult. You are loved. Jean


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