Acne Schmacne

The other evening I was taking off my makeup when I thought about how lucky I am to have clear skin. I have never had a big problem with acne except for a few pimples here or there. I have had friends who needed prescribed medicine to treat the pain and excessive amount of blemishes on their skin. After pondering on this for a while, I realized there are a few things I do that seem regular but not everyone might think to do:

1. Before applying anything to the face, even lotion, do a quick rinse. Splash some water on your face. Don’t worry about using a fancy face wash every morning unless you really need it. The more you wash your face the more time it will take for any gunk to build up in your pores. If you have oily skin, washing your face each morning could make a difference. Also, splashing some cold water on your face in the mornings helps you wake up and get energized for the day.

2. Moisturize. If you have a naturally dry face you really need to moisturize. Using even a small amount of makeup on dry skin can lead to flaking and build up creating the perfect home for pimples. When it comes to oily skin, moisturizer may not seem like the right option, but moisturizer creates a healthy barrier between your face and your makeup. Sometimes oily skin is caused my dehydrated skin. When dry skin tries to supply itself with the nutrients it needs it may over produce and create excessive oils. Using a moisturizer may relieve your face from overworking stopping the production of any extra oils.

3. Use primer. When you prime your face, you are giving your makeup something to stick to preventing smearing and causing easier removal at the end of the day.

4. Try to use products from the same company. Most of the makeup I use is from the same company. Each company uses different ingredients in their makeup. Having all of the products you use on your face or having all of the products you use on your eyes or lips be from the same company means less chance of a greater mix of chemicals. It isn’t great to put a lot of harmful chemicals on your face, but limiting yourself to a few routine ingredients will train your face to prep for that kind of wear.

5. Give your face a break. If you can feel some pimples coming up under the skin, give your self a day or two off from using makeup. You may even want to skip moisturizer for a few days. Giving yourself a break from makeup will give those pesky pimples some time to come and go before an important event comes up when you want to doll yourself up and not have to worry about looking like Rudolph.

6. Wash it all off at night. Before taking that makeup wipe to your face, take off as much of your makeup as you can with water. Again, this will limit the amount of chemicals on your face and you won’t have to rub so hard to take off that water proof mascara. Wearing water proof makeup may be good for a day at the pool or beach, but when it comes to everyday use, water proof makeup has added chemicals and may do more damage in the long run.

7. Treat it right and naturally. I will use a face wash maybe once a week but other than that I only wash my face with water. If I see a pimple I will wait until that evening, dip a Q-tip in some tea tree oil, and dab it on the problem area. This makes it so that instead of drying my face out every day with a cleanser I’m only attacking the areas that need it when they least expect it. Using products like Witch Hazel and tea tree oil to treat acne are great natural products. Make sure not to over use these products. Much like straight alcohol, these products dry out the areas. After a nights rest with some tea tree oil on your face make sure to rinse and moisturize really well.

8. Use what you’ve got. When it comes down to it you might not have the money for cleanser or medication or even a daily face wash. Instead of tea tree oil try a small amount of tooth paste over night or use a d.i.y. face mask. My favorite is spreading egg whites over the face and allowing to dry before rinsing. This face mask is easy and only has one ingredient. There are many options but this particular face mask tightens the skin closing the pores creating an obstacle for any lazy acne.

All in all keeping your face clean and giving it breaks when it needs it is the best way to prevent acne. Make sure to eat healthy and treat any existing acne for the best results. Remember that acne is natural especially in adolescents. If you are worried someone may be making fun of you or judging you because of acne, know that the only person he or she is affecting is him or herself. We’ve all suffered through something, so don’t let what anyone else may be thinking get you down.
By: Emma Sue Sims

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