Stop And Smell The Roses

Everyone comes to a point in their lives where everything is just so garbled together and the lists have grown so long that we just don’t know where to start. I hope this article on my own bewildering time in life and how I’m getting through it helps anyone who is either at this point, has been, or soon will be and needs some advice on getting through.

Emma Sue Writing in WW park Senior Picture
Writing in my journal. Pondering life. The usual. Photo credits to my wonderful sister.

Recently, life has been acting weird around me. Every time I try to think about what I need to do for college it turns away from me like a child and acts like I don’t even exist. If I start to list what there still is do this summer, it holds its breath threatening to just pass out until I finally toss my notepad aside. Life has been strange for me and finding a way to put what I’m going through into words has been even more complicated. I am at a point in my life where I need to make some decisions.

First, I need to get everything I have started finished. Deep cleaning my room has been on the back-burner for quite some time now and the edges are starting to brown. I left my mentorship from the school year with unfinished business and I need to put heat on those fringed ends. Dorm shopping and finances are two things that I should probably just finish and file.

Second, I need to ask myself questions. I’ve been with my boyfriend for quite some time now. Where is this going? I’m heading to college with my mind set on journalism. What are my long term goals in this field? Luckily, these are two of the questions I’ve already answered for myself, but there are many more questions that I still need to sit down and answer for myself.

Third, I need to prepare and relax. Once all the boxes have been checked off of the to-do list as complete and the questions have been answered, I need to relax and give myself time to do things I love and want to learn about. I want to learn calligraphy and read more. To do these things I must make time. Still, before I can even make time to do what I love, I need to make time for myself. In order to stay healthy it is good to de-stress. Breathe. Take time to relax, whatever that may mean for you.

3 thoughts on “Stop And Smell The Roses

  1. Emma Sue, life does have away of making us juggle between desires , work and play. You are well aware of this already . It does help to know what we want from life, that way we can always do checks and balances. I love your blog and the way your mind is set.


      1. Emma Sue, I am counting on you to succeed. Want always to keep up with you & watch the giant steps I feel you will be taking.


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