Four and A Half Leaf Clover

2011 to 2015 ESS and NAL
Always being silly. Photos from 2011 and 2015.

No one love story is the same. While i’m not telling you my love story today, I am going to tell you what makes what I have something special. When people ask me why I like my boyfriend, Nate, I tend to respond with the usual.

“Oh, I don’t know. He is cute and funny and there for me.”

Today, however, I can add something to the secret list that no one gets to hear. When a random person you barely know asks why you are dedicating yourself to one person you don’t necessarily want to spill your heart and soul out to them right then and there. So, like most people, I have a list of my own aside from the cliche compliments. Now I am going to tell you one of those special characteristics on my secret list that just makes Nate so gosh darn amazing.

When we started dating four and a half years ago we were, well, four and a half years younger. We didn’t know what we wanted and neither of us thought that our relationship would ever last. Patience? That was something we lacked. Indecisiveness? My biggest talent. So, when trying to decide on something it would take me forever. It still does. Everything had to be just right and Nate was never in the mood to wait on me to make a decision, but today I realized that, that has changed.

As we walked around target together, my dorm shopping list in hand, there was something different about the way we were together. Nate was extremely tired and I was a little stressed thinking about college. Yet, for some reason, as we walked about the store all our stresses seemed distant. We both had tensions to worry about. Being together made all those worries fade away. I am one of those people who likes to be prepared for anything so, to some people, about half of my dorm shopping list would have been a waste of  time and money. Knowing how I feel about being prepared,and after seeing my long list, Nate knew that going on this shopping trip with me was going to take way more than an hour and would definitely take some patience.

While I tried to decide whether I should just get a step stool or an ottoman for extra storage, I swear we walked down the same three isles so many times it would make a bystander sick. Yet, as we marched up and down those same three isles searching for a product that obviously wasn’t there, Nate never complained or pushed. He held my hand and offered advice on what he thought was best reminding me that it was my choice and not to worry. Having him there for comfort was soothing and made dorm shopping a little easier.

Some moments during our shopping trip Nate’s lack of sleep would take over and he would become a little less focused and easily aggravated. Instead of ignoring him and continuing on with my shopping, I tried to talk to him and make sure I wasn’t making him feel like he had to be there in any way. When he responded that he wanted to be there with me, everything felt right.

We are no longer in a relationship where we don’t know where things are going. We no longer lack patience or understanding for each other. We still have our flaws as a couple, but what makes me love us the most is that we accept the fact that no body is perfect which means no two people together will be perfect. We have found peace in the fact that we love each other and have accepted and supported the others imperfections.

While I may never sit down and give Nate or anyone my long detailed secret list as to why I truly love him, I hope he sees this and understands that he isn’t just cute and funny or just a teenage romance anymore. Nate is my still water in an ocean of stormy waves. He is my four leaf clover found in a field of some plain ole’ clovers. No matter what happens I will always remember the little things that remind me of what makes us together so great. I hope that anyone who reads this will understand that all those articles titled “10 ways to know if you are dating the love of your life” or “How to find the one” aren’t right. That maybe for the author of those articles, that list of ten things made them know they were in love. Maybe that list is what that author is searching for in their soul mate. No one love story is the same. Don’t let anyone tell you how to know when you have found someone who is right for you. When no one is the same, how can anyone accept to live someone else’s love story?

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