D.I.Y Two Ingredient Leg Scrub

You will need:

  • A small bowl for mixing
  • Sugar
  • Olive oil
  • Essential Oil (Only if you prefer your legs to smell nice. This ingredient is not necessary.)

How to begin:

Start by mixing equal parts sugar and olive oil until you find a consistency you like.  I also used some lemon essential oil in my leg scrub. If you do add essential oil make sure you read the label. Many essential oils can not be ingested. Also, if using a non-edible essential oil make sure not to leave a mess behind if you have children or pets who may try to get into it later. Once you have the desired amount, consistency, and scent you are ready to apply the leg scrub.

Head over to your bathroom and stand over the bathtub or in the shower to apply the scrub. This makes for easier clean up. Take a small amount of leg scrub in one hand and gently rub the leg scrub onto the leg in circular motions from the ankle up. This motion is relaxing and also makes sure to get any dead skin that could go unseen when simply using an up and down motion. Once you have finished both legs, rinse off and voila!

Once I had applied the scrub and rinsed both legs they felt much smoother but still a little rough from a few days of not shaving. After I shaved the results were clear- amazing! My legs had never felt so smooth. While there are many ways to apply  the scrub and different ingredients you could add this was the simplest and easiest way I could find. I hope this helps and that you enjoy soft legs from now on!

I originally found the idea for this leg scrub recipe on an EOS promotional video on Facebook by Anne Le. After watching the video and successfully attempting the scrub myself I put together this post to condense Anne Le’s information down to only the leg scrub. There is a lot of talking and extra information in the video about shaving, so I hope my post helps those who only wish to try the leg scrub. To watch the youtube video and for more detailed instructions for this leg scrub click here. I am in no way affiliated with EOS, but I love their products. Enjoy!

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