“LOL” “Are you?”

Look around yourself. Where are you? Are you on your mobile device walking around a city or are you sitting in your office on a desktop? Wherever you are, who are you with? Are you alone, with friends, with family, by strangers? Whoever you are with, look at them. If you are alone, look in a mirror. How do they look? How do you look?  Frowning? Content? Confusion? Disgust? Anger? Now think, is anyone around you smiling?

The world we live in is progressively getting more and more negative everyday. As a teenager, I see it everywhere. I’ve come to the realization that we don’t even use our emotions anymore and everyone seems praemoticonsctically lifeless. When we text we have come to a point where words aren’t even necessary. We can now send a message that has a few small images in them depicting faces with emotions called emoticons. When we text LOL or ROTFL we are rarely actually laughing out loud or rolling on the floor laughing. Yes, maybe sometimes a small smirk may crawl upon our faces but never are we rolling on the floor laughing in complete hysterics at some corny joke you may have texted.

When we talk in person, we have started to use this emotionless character of telling the other people how we are feeling without actually depicting that emotion through body gestures or facial expressions. When we are angry we will just say some action word like “punching” or “killing” without actually appearing to be angry. No, I don’t plan on punching anyone in the face for upsetting me and I definitely don’t plan on killing anyone for making a sarcastic comment, so why do we say these things? Why do we text LOL when we aren’t laughing and why do we say punching when we aren’t anywhere near balling up our fists and swinging throws?

Today, IGoogle watched an inspirational video presented by Google about how they have redesigned their logo to fit their futuristic, fun style and to show just how far they have come from the start. After watching the video I actually found myself smiling because
of how optimistic, innovative, and progressive the hundred million dollar company appears. As I scrolled down the page to read the comments I automatically felt disgusted. The video that I found so creative and inspiring made others angry. I do find the new Google logo to appear slightly elementary, but I like it. I love how colorful it is. The comments I read degraded the new logo. People called the improved logo “sucky”, “childish”, and “devolved”. Why?

What made these people voice their opinion? Do they feel they are changing something? Is Google going to just toss out the new design for a few haters? I applaud those who mentioned how they love the new colorful G icon and those who actually thanked the company for not creating a serious logo much like many other major companies have done. Just scroll through the comments on any YouTube video. There you can find any curse word or rude name you can think of and probably some you wouldn’t have been able to think of on your own.

Happiness in nagativity comic

Scrolling through my Facebook news feed I came upon a cartoon that made my day a little better. To the right, I have included the clipping. Make sure to click on the image to visit the comic creators website where there are actually a decent amount of positive comments. The comic shows a man standing with a younger boy. Together the two watch a scene take place where a superhero defeats a villain with his super powers. The young boy responds to the scene by saying he wishes he had superpowers.

The man tells the boy that we all have super powers and demonstrates by making a man who appears upset smile by complimenting his hat. If the man had not called the sad looking mans hat “ugly” in the comic then his point may have come across a little stronger, but I don’t think it was the creators point to be entirely serious on the matter. He may have included the negative comment in order to show the true power of words and how even when we find something unattractive we can find beauty in it by finding some perspective. However, I could very well be wrong.

The point is that even though we have come to a time where we forget how powerful words can be and just what a smile does to everyone around in a room that one kind word, one glimpse of emotion, one smile can change everything. Look around yourself. Now smile. Look at yourself in that mirror or look at the person sitting nearest to you in the eyes and smile. Before you leave, tell someone to have a great day. Tell that girl that you love her dress or tell that man that he is wearing an awesome tie. Tell the baristas that the coffee they just served you was the best you have had. Be a little extreme. It’s okay because even if you go above and beyond in your compliments, if you believe them, then they are true. A compliment doesn’t hurt anyone as long as it is honest and heartfelt. I hope you have an amazing day and no matter what is going on in your life it will be okay. Smile. A new world is just around the corner because of a happier you.


Lunar Baboon Cartoon- http://www.lunarbaboon.com/comics/powers.html

Google’s Look, Evolved- http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2015/09/google-update.html  

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