Sweat’in the Stress’out

Ever since I’ve been going to college, so like for a little over a month, I’ve really been enjoying this whole “free” gym membership thing. I say “free” because I’m paying thousands of dollars to this institution therefore my gym membership is simply included, however, it’s great. People complain about schools spending their money on the wrong things but I think they’ve gotten it right by putting some good money towards the gym.

The good thing about a well funded gym is that all of the machines and equipment are sturdy and new. When a gym has worn down equipment that seems like it might break and cause injury I tend to stay away. However, college gyms seems sanitary and updated enough that I should not need to fear for my safety wgymhen, say, running on a treadmill. (Pesky shoelaces, anyways…)

Having a gym that is safe and within walking distance has increased the initial action of actually getting myself to want to go by about 80%. Once I found that I had that push I realized I had another, a workout buddy. Since my best friend and I go to the same college, we are able to go the gym together and push each other to work harder. It is much easier to work to your full potential when you have someone next to you tell you that you can do it.

The main argument I could push about well funded gyms is that we need to give our students access to nice gyms in order to reduce, to nicely put it, the number of freshmen who actually gain the freshmen fifteen. However, my goal is not to use the common stereotype or fight to pull my side of the argument. I encourage nice gyms because working out is a great way to reduce stress.

After only one quarter of my first semester I can personally say that stress is abundant in college. High school did not prepare me for this new life I have had to leap into. Apparently I had no study habits, so now I’m having to learn from my mistakes how to study for each different class. I’ve gotten from getting lost in hallways to getting lost in a city and from not knowing whether to pack or buy lunch to having to learn how to budget my spending on buying lunch everyday.

This has all been extremely stressful. What I hadn’t realized in high school was how great it is to go to the gym. With every crunch, or push, or step I can feel the calories burning and taking the stress with them. After a long day of classes and a nice dinner I love to go to the gym. Once I have completed an hour or two at the gym I’m ready to get my head in the game, get showered, and study hard. Working out leads to a less stressful life. Working out leads to a clear mind making it easier to focus. Working out tires you down making it easier for you to put more energy into your work and less into fidgeting and wanting to just get up from your desk. Working out in college has only done great things for me. Now maybe I can put some more energy into getting organized. Happy sweating!

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