Book Club #1.0: Everything I Never Told You


Before we get started, let me introduce the new A Writer’s Earth addition- Book Club. Once every other month, a book will be chosen to be read. The book title will be posted so that you can read along and maybe invite your friends or family to read along as well. As we go through the books, discussion questions will be posted for commenting. Hopefully, we will get enough people involved that we may even be able to interview the authors of some of the books we read. All that matters is that a book is read and analyzed. Reading is fun, but reading and actually getting something out of it is even better.

Book Club #1.0: Everything I Never Told You

The book for October/November 2015 is Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. We will use October to read the book. Some people are quick readers, but some people read slower than others and even quick readers get busy with life. In order to allow everyone time to read, enjoy, and be able to stay involved with A Writer’s Earth: Book Club, we will use the entire month for reading time. This time will also allow participants to read deeper, take notes, and research if they wish. That would all be on your own terms since the meaning for all of this is too better enjoy reading.

I will end on a note of hoping to help you. In order to pace yourself, especially if you are busy, try creating a reading plan. First, get the book. Everything I never Told You is available on, most likely at your local library, as well as in Barnes & Nobles, and many other book stores. Once you have the book, pace yourself. Set a certain number of pages or chapters to read a day in order to be done by the end of the month. Once November begins, discussion questions will be posted and the conversation will be begin. Happy Reading!

Everything I never told you

7 thoughts on “Book Club #1.0: Everything I Never Told You

    1. The book is a murder mystery/ thriller, so there will definitely be some sad parts, but the focus is more on the history of Chinese-Americans in the 1970’s and how that affects the victims family. Many themes will be discussed in the book which made it seem like a great read for a book club. I hope you enjoy it! I’m on page 45 and I have managed not to become sad or bored so hopefully it will be a good read for you.


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