Book Club #1.2: Everything I Never Told You


Check out the previous posts Book Club #1.0: Everything I Never Told You and Book Club #1.1: Everything I Never Told You for a brief introduction and more information.

Let’s begin by discussing what exactly the book is about. Below, I have typed up a brief summary.


A 1970’s Chinese-American family struggles over the loss of their middle child, Lydia. In her mothers eyes, Lydia was going to become the doctor she always wanted to be. To her father, Lydia was born to be a social butterfly making friends left and right since he was never really able to “fit in”. However, despite their hopes, neither of her parents really knew who she was. Lydia’s siblings, Hannah and Nath, seem to hold the only possible answers as to why Lydia has gone forever.

Opening Discussion

These are some of the basic facts of the plot, but what is Celeste Ng really trying to portray? Is she focusing on how sometimes parents push their unfulfilled dreams onto their children? Is she focusing in on the strange relationships of siblings? Is she informing the reader that despite all we have been through, the controversial topics in this book are still relevant? Is it any one subject in specific or is the author trying to get us thinking about all things at once? It’s up to you. Please, comment and once it seems an over all theme has been developed we will move into some basic questions together. Make sure to keep checking back. As you all get the conversations rolling more posts will be uploaded to help spark some ideas. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Book Club #1.2: Everything I Never Told You

  1. So, What is the overall theme of Everything I Never Told You? It could be loss and coming of age, but those themes seem so cliche. The book had so much subject matter it could definitely be debated.


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