Book Club #1.3: Everything I Never Told You


Congratulations! If you are reading this I can assume you are either new to the site and this is the first thing you saw, or you are here for more discussion on Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You. If you are new to the site, please look around a little. If A Writer’s Earth Book Club interests you, then please check out the first post regarding the October/November 2015 book. If you are here for more discussion, read on!


In Book Club #1.2 we discussed theme. What is seemed to come down to was secrets. The entire plot of the book was based around secrets. If Hannah had of told on Lydia when she new about her summer “flings,” then maybe something could have been stopped. If their mother had pursued her dreams and not stayed quiet, the entire story would have changed.

While some may argue that secrets are not a theme but more of an object or action, I think it is fair to say that our discussion of the book is definitely to be focused on secrets. I do hope that you will comment if you wish we look in another direction. As you probably know, December is only a few days away which means we will be venturing on into a new book.

Due to the busyness of life I was not able to post as much as one may have liked.Yet, I am staying true to my original statement,“All that matters is that a book is read and analyzed. Reading is fun, but reading and actually getting something out of it is even better.” So, in order to keep discussion rolling, I am going to link you over to Celeste Ng’s website where she has supplied all of her readers with 10 discussion questions as well as many other supplemental readings. If you would only like to read the discussion questions scroll to page 7 of the Book Club Kit. If you do not wish to follow over to Ng’s website and would like to continue with me and my interpretation of some of the questions, read on.

Discussion Questions Interpreted

One of the most important things that I feel should be analyzed is the title of the book, Everything I Never Told You. Who is meant by “I” and who is meant be “you”? Depending on who you are, the title could be referencing anyone in the novel. “I” could be Lydia and “you” could be her parents. “I” could be who Nath thought was his bully and “you” could be Nath. Perceive it how you might, but luckily Ng answered the question for us. As it says on her website, “After Lydia’s death, each member of her family thinks back to the last time they saw her and what they’d have said if they knew it was the last time.” (Ng) The “I” is for everyone in the Lee family and the “you” is for everyone else in the family that they are talking to, especially Lydia.

Another important aspect to think about is the relationship between the family. Was it right for the parents to put so much on Lydia’s shoulders? Who had it harder, Lydia or Nath and Hannah who were practically forgotten? A common struggle people have is dealing with how their parents may have placed their unfulfilled dreams onto their children’s shoulders. Can you relate to this in any way? I would love to hear how you feel about this and any personal experiences you may have had.


Thank you so much for participating in Book Club #1 with me. Everything I Never Told You was a very well written story and I hope the books we come to read are just as good. Wait! The discussion isn’t over yet! If enough comments or emails are received more posts will come on Everything I Never Told You, otherwise, we are done with this book. A concluding post will come soon, but hopefully our December book will be posted as well. Please like, share, and comment so that we can grow our book club. I hope to hear more from people on how they felt about the story and to receive some answers to our discussion questions. Even if we did not talk about a question in this post, please feel free to comment your answer of any another questions. Thank you!

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