Book Club #2.1: Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

Last time, it was decided that we would be evaluating the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote at the beginning of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and also the prologue.

Below I have included my notes on the Emerson quote. On the left of the image titled “Analysis” I have gone line by line interpreting what I feel the quote means. On the right under “Analysis Grammatical” I have included how objects such as commas and periods assist Emerson and don’t just act as markers for the reader to know when to take a breath.

I urge you to create your own chart similar to this one. Do not feel you must follow my format. Create a flow chart if you really wish, just make sure to take a moment to really feel and understand the quote. If Riggs has included the quote at the beginning of his novel it must be important.

Emerson quote analysis

One thing I did not include in the above image is things like the alliteration in “Fleeing to Fables.” How do you feel the repeating F sound contributes?

Could it be the way that as you pronounce the words it is almost as though they are unreal or escaping all on their own just with the assistance of that one consonant? Could it be the way you almost bite your lip when saying the words, in turn, making you feel the same agitation Emerson may have felt towards trying to put this feeling of memory and escape into words? Please, comment below with your answers, thoughts, and questions.

Check back soon for discussion on the prologue. Happy reading!

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