Technical issues left me without a laptop for a few days. Now, we are back in business! Not having my main source of distraction technology for a while really helped me realize a few things. Yes, I am addicted. No, It really is not that big of a deal. Yes, I should spend a little more time offline and outdoors.

It has been a really long time since I had to go a day without getting on my laptop. I had my cell phone, but after staring at such a small screen for a while it becomes frustrating. For some reason I can quicker realize when I have been on my phone for too long compared to when I have spent too much time on my laptop.

The first couple of days without my laptop, I felt a little lost. How would I check Facebook and be able to chat without going to an entirely different app? How would I blog daily? How would I survive without easy access to my colleges homepage? The answer was simply that I wouldn’t. These things that seemed so important quickly became irrelevant and unnecessary.

Within the next few days I was over it. I was reading more books, spending more time with friends, and being more productive. I felt a little more alive not having the grogginess in my eyes that staring into a laptop for too long will give you. My fingers were able to relax from endless typing and my brain was given a break from constant stimulation.

Now that I have my laptop back, I feel like I am at a better medium. I want so badly to read more and spend more time with friends. I want to dedicate more time to getting fit and eating right. What I realized is that a laptop should not be a toy and it should not be taken for granted. A laptop should be a tool. Instead of googly eyeing clothes I can’t afford and deciding what picture to post next, I am checking my emails, planning blog posts, and researching how to make my hair curl just the right way so I’ll look nice going on a date the next day.

It may sound crazy, but giving yourself even a few days away from your laptop can be really good for you. I still had my phone and I still watched television, but backing away from my laptop for a little while made me realize how sucked into the digital world I really was.

While my laptop was off being repaired I was able to do some repairs on myself too. Instead of checking Facebook one last time before bed I am actually sipping that glass of green tea and blogging like I have so long desired to do. Instead of just watching YouTube videos all night I choose to work or go out with friends.

Check yourself on how often you use your technology. You may not think it is being harmful to you or the ones around you, but sometimes we all need to take a deep breathe and take some time to get a few repairs.

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