Book Club #2.2: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Prologue Discussion

It’s January and the time for discussion has come.

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not yet read the book and do not wish to have any prior knowledge of happenings from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, please refer to post #2.0 or #2.1 for more information.

Importance in the Prologue

Paragraph one of the prologue reveals many things about the story. Something to notice is Riggs’ repetition of the word extraordinary. This hints to us about the many ‘out of the ordinary’ subjects covered throughout the plot. Whether it may be peculiar children, shape shifting bird headmistresses, wights, or hollowgasts nothing is quite ordinary about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Two other items to notice in the first paragraph is the mention of “before and after” as well as the mention of Abraham Portman, Jacob’s grandfather.

The mention of the before and after is what Riggs’ uses to bring his story back around. It was mentioned in the prologue, the before, and the last page of the story, the after. It is important to realize how dynamic Jacob is as a character and how his before and after are not only peculiar but relatable. This is when he realizes that even his ordinary life was a little more extraordinary than he previously thought. The mention of Abraham in the first paragraph is simply necessary for the story to make any bit of sense.

The rest of the prologue also held some particularly interesting details about the story. We find out about Jacob’s childhood and this is when we are first introduced to the peculiar children and the “monsters” who are later very important to the story.

This is also when we find out about the photographs that are scattered throughout the book. One may realize that the four photos shown at the end of the prologue are of the characters who aid in helping get back Miss Peregrine at the end of the novel. It could be argued that Millard is pictured first because of his importance throughout the story. However, the first true photo in the story is of Emma on the inside cover page. Even before Abraham was mentioned in the story we are given a picture of Emma first. It seems that her importance goes above all. Whether it is because of her involvement with the peculiar men of the Portman family or how without her there would be no story is up to you. 

The cover photo on my book is of Olive. This photo may vary depending on the copy of the book and is more based on enticing readers instead of being pertinent to the story, however, it is very important as well. If you disagree with anything I said or would like to share on what you found in the prologue, please comment below! Check back for more discussion on the book this week.

Check back tomorrow for the character list! 

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