Book Club #2.3: Characters

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not yet read the book and do not wish to have any prior knowledge of happenings from Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, please refer to post #2.0 or #2.1 for more information.



It can be hard to follow the characters in the story. Below I have included the names, powers, and importance of each of the characters in the novel.

Emma Bloom– Can create and form fire. Abraham’s love interest and later Jacob’s as well.
Jacob Portman– Can see hollows. Main character of the story and Abraham’s grandson.
Millard Nullings– Invisible.
Enoch O’Connor– Can take the life from one being and put it into another.
Abraham Portman– Could see hollows. Jacob’s grandfather.
Bronwyn Bruntley– Super Strength.
Claire Densmore– Has a backmouth.
Doctor Golan– Wight. Jacob’s therapist. As a wight he also played many other important parts in order to get close to Jacob.
Franklin Portman– Jacob’s father.
Miss Alma Peregrine– The Bird. Headmistress of the peculiar children.
Martin Pagett– Cairnholm Museum Curator
Victor Bruntley– Killed by a hollowgast.

Olive Abroholos Elephanta– Levitation.

Hugh Apiston– Bees live inside him that he can also control.

Fiona Frauenfeld– Can manipulate plants.

Horace Somnusson– Dreams visions of the future.

Ricky Pickering– Jacob’s best friend from outside the loop.

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