Why I Listen to Indie/Alternative

Music plays a large role in most parts of life. It is in the backgrounds of movies, it plays at malls, in elevators, and when you’re on hold with the credit card company. It is given it’s own place in cars, kitchens, and radio alarm clocks. We start our days with music and end our days with it too. So, why is music everywhere? Music surrounds us because it affects our moods. Emotions are exactly what people want to control, because if someone can control your mood, then they basically have power over you.

It is for this reason that I listen to indie/ alternative music. Indie is short for independent. This means that indie music doesn’t always fit what the cool kids are listening to. Instead of a repeating verse over a pop and lock beat, I like the smooth and sometimes constantly changing beat of an independent song. Alternative is almost the same, however it isn’t necessarily independent and is therefore sometimes stretched to fit the preferences of a broader audience.

washed out sound cloud profile pic
Washed Out

This sort of music makes me feel uplifted and happy like I have the right to choose my own mood. Some songs in this type of music can be very dark and eerie. Despite this, since I like the rhythm, I still get to choose whether or not this music makes me feel happy or sad. I have the power to choose how this music makes me feel. Now, this isn’t to say that other genres don’t do the same for other people.

When I say “screamo”, I do not mean to fit all the many subgenres into one massive stereotype. When I say screamo, I mean the songs where there are basically no lyrical parts at all and all that can be heard is the terror of the singers scratching vocals. That music makes me feel upset no matter how I may have been feeling prior to the song. Screamo is the type of the music that I am talking about when it gives people power. If I was in a really good mood and walked into an elevator playing screamo music I would quickly try to exit because it would make me upset and uncomfortable. There is a reason they tend to play slower music in there.

alt j


However, the people who like screamo the way I like indie may feel that type of genre can fit any of their moods. You know when you like a genre because it makes you feel like you have control over yourself. You may feel that for pop, country, R&B, rap, or any other type of music as long as it gives you power. I like indie/ alternative because of the many choices that the songs and musicians give me. I can choose a song that is joyous or sad based on my mood because I have control with the genre.

Music plays a large role in our lives. Up-paced beats play in clothing stores to make you feel confident in what they are selling to you. Classical music may play in an art gallery to make you feel concentrated on the colorful pieces they are presenting. Music gives a timed and rhythmic control over people whether they are friends, family, consumers, or strangers. I like indie/alternative because these genres give me the freedom of my own expression.

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