Snow Days

A little red bowl filled with chocolates sits on my desk to the left of me surrounded also by a clutter of framed photographs, a completely disorganized file organizer, and a pile of scattered syllabuses for my classes this semester. I’m sitting here trying to sort through my brain and remember all the blog post ideas I’ve had this weekend. Sadly, like usual, I did not write down any of these great ideas and most of them have been forgotten. Thankfully, almost two feet of snow means for a great topic: what it is like being snowed in at college.


When the bowl and the chocolates are gifts, it makes everything better.

Some of you may have noticed that my second blog, A Writer’s University, has a total of one post. Now is when I explain to you, why? I am currently entering my second semester at college. In turn, I do not have that much experience to share. However, after my first year has been completed, I hope to have enough to talk about to write post after post to help you all!

I could start spouting out “helpful” nonsense to you now, but why would I do that when I know that in just seven months I could give you the most thought out, straight-forward tips possible. So, yes, while this post is about how I have been snowed in at college, I will eventually post again onto A Writer’s University a post more directed at you as advice and not as a journal entry. That being said, what is it like being snowed in at college?

A writers university
A work in progress.

Growwwwlllllll. This is the sound I have been hearing in the stomachs of every person I talk to. The dining halls have been closing early, workers haven’t been showing up at restaurants, and if it isn’t on the meal plan, we don’t want it. If you hear that a huge snow storm is coming be ready to keep snacks in your dorm or apartment. If you don’t have food at home, then you are going to either have to embark out into the dreary weather or you are going to have to spend your own money that you hadn’t set aside for food.

It gets cold. I was lucky enough to have been prepared with a large coat, layers of pants and shirts, scarves, hats, and gloves. The students who only had a hoodie, sweatpants, and socks with sandals weren’t feeling too hot. Going to college doesn’t mean avoiding the real world, it means exactly the opposite. You are going from a place of warmth and friendly reminders to take a coat, to a place where if you plan wrong then you are going to find yourself in a foot of snow freezing because you had to go out looking for food.

Fries from Five Guys. 

On the other hand, it can get really hot in dorms. Many schools still have the old fashioned system where you have no control over the thermostat. If every room is set at 70 and you are used to a nice 68, believe me, the difference is unreal. So not only should you be prepared with a coat and wool socks, don’t forget to keep some shorts in your room.

Let me throw a positive out there at you. All this time spent curled up in your room under fuzzy blankets with hot chocolate is the perfect time to get ahead in your work. If it is snowing, it is most likely that you have already been in classes for at least a week. If you have a syllabus with all the assignments and you have your textbooks, get to work! The best decision I’ve made with my four day weekends has been to get ahead in my work. Read those chapters, answer those questions.


Everything is online, so there is absolutely no shame in getting done what you can now instead of doing it later. That one credit online pass/fail class? Do it! Those workbook exercises due in a couple days? Do them! You will not regret it. Doing assignments early does not mean more time to goof off. It means more time to study, rewrite notes, and review old tests. This extra time spent studying will help in the long run. Snow days are the best days to get ahead.

The best things about snow days is that they are so much fun! Being stuck in a dorm with your friends is the best thing ever. After going out into a snow storm together to buy snacks you get to all go back to the dorm, defrost, watch Netflix, and study together. Spending quality time with friends in college is one of the best things that can be done to not get super stressed. So, while snow days can be a great way to get ahead, don’t stress! Use the extra time to breathe and just take life as it comes.

slurpee blizzard
Who said Slurpees in a snow storm was a bad idea?

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  1. I love snow days!

    On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 9:49 AM, a writers earth wrote:

    > inkkjunkie posted: “A little red bowl filled with chocolates sits on my > desk to the left of me surrounded also by a clutter of framed photographs, > a completely disorganized file organizer, and a pile of scattered > syllabuses for my classes this semester. I’m sitting here tryi” >

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