slave to music

Losing focus
A wandering mind, thoughts uncontrollable
looking out for recovery or medication

A cure?
Oh, why yes please!

The soothing sounds of a piano
an oboe, maybe violin
Just choose something speechless
wavering sounds of an orchestra
wearing thin

So, try I have
yet every sound, every strum or string
keeps me off track
as movements cloud my brain

Dances aroused by the quiet pace
of classical and instrumental fantasia
Watch, can’t you see?
The tapping of my foot
or the shaking of my knee

Yes, yes
what ever will you do
this isn’t what we thought
what can be trusted to be true?
Well, what happens when you cease the thoughts,
truly what happens then?

When the movements stop and my
head, when it clears again.
Why it travels to my fingers and the distracted writing,
it begins.

Oh, so redirect the focus!
Calm your imagination!

To be like the others?
I’d rather feel my feet and fingers bleed
Then force my nature
to be like that sea,
the waves of people so focused
always passing by me.

And so another soul was lost.
A slave to music.
Content to never be set free.