The designers of Barbie have made a huge change. After years of listening to unhappy consumers the company decided to accept the challenge of adding new body types to their Barbie line. Not only do they have the original but also tall, petite, and curvy. Barbie has been around for 57 years, and while she has always been changing, never has she had this much of an adjustment. This is an amazing adjustment to some. Finally, people can feel their children are being exposed to more realistic toys. However, I have another challenge for Barbie.

I want to see Mattell create a barbie that has no makeup. They want to redesign their dolls to show that girls can now express themselves then why don’t they release a barbie that looks natural so that girls can start at a young age knowing that you don’t need hair dye or eyeliner to express yourself.  They are selling these dolls with new body types, but they still fall into the conformed society where, to be cool, you have to have shaved green hair or a nose piercing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this look, but for the girls who feel they need that look to be themselves, it breaks my heart.

Show that we are no longer oppressed and do not need to feel bound by the restrictions society has placed on us girls with makeup. I love doing my makeup and the face that it gives me, but I know that the face I show people isn’t always “mine.” Let young girls know that they are beautiful beyond belief by just smiling and showing the world that happiness and confidence is attractive. Enough with the curves and the heights and the shapes and sizes. Every girl needs to know that her personality can shine through without the help of million dollar brands trying to guzzle their wallets while ruining self esteem.

Many have probably seen the video of the woman who uses a powerful video to talk about the harmful comments people began leaving on her posts after she took a few photos of herself without makeup on. Would people be less likely to be this way towards women if we started learning at a younger age what true beauty looks like? Imagine a world where makeup doesn’t exist. What then, would a beautiful face be?

So, congratulations Barbie on your step up. Now that the company has the adoration and acceptance of a little more of the world, why don’t they place the bar higher instead of raising it by demand? Set the bar for those of us who don’t understand that flesh and bone came before CoverGirl, Maybelline, and Sephora. Start a new line that goes against all odds and leads a clear path for a new generation of naturally beautiful girls. Study the hair types of different races and the small things that change with height and weight. Show me some acne and braces. Show me a real world for real girls. Give me more choices than perfect. You are the only you there is. Show them.

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