Book Club #3.0: One Day

one day

February is over which means we can get back into book club. I hope you enjoyed a month off and to those who are joining us for book club for the first time you chose a great time to begin.

This month we will be reading One Day by David Nicholls. This may be my favorite romance novel. The book focuses on two main characters, Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. On July 15th, 1988 the two met for the first time and from that day on they couldn’t forget each other. Over 20 years pass. Every year on July 15th, the day they met, it is revealed where the two have gone whether it is together or apart.

Life gets busy, so I have put together a reading plan for anyone who would like it. Please, read on your own time at your own pace. What I am giving you is simply a suggestion. This week read part one which is chapters one through five. Next week read part two, chapters six through nine. The third week of March read part three, chapters 10 through 15. The next week we will finish off by reading parts four and five, chapters 16 through 23. The last week of the month we will finish off with discussion and analysis. It is at this point that you may watch the movie if you wish. (Prepare for disappointment. As for most of the time, the book is better.)

Book Club 3-0
Visual Reading Guide for One Day by David Nicholls

Happy reading!


One Day can be purchased online or in stores near you. Look for it at your local library. Click on the image at the top of the page to be redirected to purchase One Day from

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