Social Media Expression Form

Companies have tried to turn social media into an easy way to advertise. Anyone can scroll up or down, but an advertisement is bound to find a way to pop up onto every screen. Most media sites began as a way to stay connected. Most people know about Mark Zuckerberg and his creation called Facebook. However, now we have Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, blog sites, and much more. Something interesting about the world is how everyone has chosen to use these sites. There are thousands of reasons and ways to use these media outlets, yet in my eyes, they have turned into forms of art and expression.

Instagram photos are often staged, but even the candid photos are beautiful. Something about the small photos and how everyone can edit colors and phrases of their choosing makes users lives seem a bit more beautiful. Snapchat gives users the options of filters and emoticons. Despite the simplicity of the concept, people everywhere are using their imaginations in hopes creating the funniest or prettiest creations to send to their friends. Facebook, most likely the last things anyone would call an “art form,” may be the best contestant for such. No matter how short or long a status, people are able to get creative with their writing sometimes posting poems or maybe even a haiku about a bad work day.

The point is that modern day media isn’t all bad. People are being given a chance to shout from the rooftops of the internet their opinions and create beautiful works of art through photos of family, friends, pets, plants, etc. It is with huge smiles on our faces that we should except this modern day world we live in of instant updates and endless photographs. It will be hard for history to be forgotten when it is recorded on thousands of peoples profiles everywhere. It will be even harder to give history bias when the opinions of all are expressed on all.



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