We are comforters.
One is great, but two are better.
People pull us up when they need us.
When they are warm and cozy, they toss us aside.

It’s our bright colors that are always appealing.
They fold our corners and shake out our wrinkles.
In the winter we are their favorites all cooped up inside,

but when summer comes we are folded back into safe keeping.
Sometimes it’s nice being that helping hand.
Other times I wish we were both taken out more often.

We are used and put away constantly.
Washed and dried, loved.
So I’m always wondering,
When we get a rip or tear, will they they throw us away
Or sew us each a patch.

Either way.
As long as my threads are nearest to yours.
You’ll be my comforter,

And I’ll be yours.


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