Spending Summer Pouring

Life takes you places you may never have expected and for me that place is a brewery. At the beginning of the summer I had my heart set on the typical college summer job of taking orders early in the morning from some workaholic who likes his cup of joe nonfat, no whip, three shots, and extra hot with caramel drizzle. However, the whole only-being-able-to-work-four-months-before-I-would-have-to-go-back-to-school thing really threw off a lot of employers. A couple weeks passed when I found a local brewery was down one worker and they needed someone for the summer. I never thought I would be pouring a pint for some extra cash, but that’s what I got, and I love it.

Locally owned businesses have always put me in a bright mood because it makes me think about all the hard work and energy that is being put into the products I am given. All the work put into the contents of my grocery cart , shopping bag, or even what’s on my plate was thought about, carefully produced, and put with love on a small shelf waiting to make a monetary benefit to help the business owners and their workers live a good and fulfilling life. Being able to be part of that system, not only gives me a job, but teaches me moral and realistic lessons that will help me in the long run. Seeing the family I work for be able to handle everything from caring for a two year old, brewing and keeping over twenty beers on tap, and deal politely with all customers makes me realize what we are all capable of.

Knowing a customer by name and being able to put a smile on their face with conversation and a beer is beneficial for all parties involved. The customer gets a thoughtfully brewed product, which in itself is a whole process, the workers get paid and the joys of helping a customer, and the owners get to put dinner on the table for their family while living the life of a business owner they had always wanted to be. Yeah yeah there is the hard work of brewing all the beers, keeping up with tabs, changing and clearing taps, keeping the establishment clean and all that good stuff, but at the end of the day turning off the boiler, clocking out, and locking the door behind me makes the day worth it. I know I did something with my day and, metaphorically speaking, touched a lot of peoples lives.

Another joy of the job is not having to do nothing. If there is nothing to be done and we are caught up with everything no one is forced to come in to work, but if I have nothing to do with my day I am welcome to head over. Happy workers makes for a happy environment and happy customers. While I am super excited for another semester and can’t wait to see what job I will get next, there is much I will miss about working at a brewery.

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