Finding Dory

The other day I went with family to see Finding Dory and I would just like to say three cheers to Pixar! The movie was aimed at every age group which made entertainment for the whole family very easy. A lot of children’s movies and television shows nowadays are chock-full of inappropriate jokes and hidden meanings that actually tend to have zero humor for adults and confuse kids. Finding Dory appeased the older age range by alluding back to Finding Nemo. A new generation has now been introduced to “just keep swimming.” Plus, the characters are so beautifully animated the youngest ones will love to watch too.

However, there was so much finding involved it made me feel I should probably be looking for something. There was the search for Dory as well as for the search for Dory’s parents, Nemo and his dad, quarantine, Hank, the truck, Destiny. Just go see the movie and you will understand. Despite the excessive finding, which should be expected considering the title, the movie was overall very well done. A 90’s child who can now be at peace with knowing Dory’s back story. Ahh finally.

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