For just a moment

don’t feel.

Live in the air that constantly surrounds you.

Blink the tiny molecules of numbers and letters studied around the world every day.

Kiss not a person but a soul and understand what stings within you.

For just a moment

don’t think.

Experience a moment without worry and sigh not out but inward.

Let those tears cooped up in small ducts release and shade those speckled cheeks of yours.

Allow yourself to encounter a relaxed face that is not reasoning any expression.

For just a moment

participate in the earth that bears you.

Allow saturated soil to sink through your fingers settling beneath sheltering nails.

Cut into cool waters lined with stones that mimic the blood inside purple veins.

Sip the golden sunlight that effortlessly engulfs every body tiny and large.

 For all of eternity

feel not, think not, but participate in the earth that bears you.

Open your eyes to the world here only as long as you allow it.

Share with those around you the serenity in the small moments of your own life.

Join with others in conversation and be attentive to the thoughts of souls surrouning you.


let go of the pain and sadness that spoils your muscles and smile.

Time will take you but,

for just a moment,


One thought on “Is

  1. Jean Jordan, I found this worthy of deep thinking. Since I know the writer, I think you are wise beyond your years. Touching and very deep. Thank you Emma Sue, I have been deeply touched. Jean

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