Wellness Wednesday: Fighting a Cold

Fighting a cold in the hot days of summer can be one of the worst feelings ever. The days where it is beautiful outside, but you’re stuck on the sofa with, what could be worse, a hot bowl of soup are least desired. Here are six ways to prevent the common cold and get rid of it once it gets to you.

1. Drink lots of water

The best way to prevent and also get rid of a cold is by drinking lots of fluids. Staying hydrated is important in keeping good overall health. When some nasty virus or bacteria starts beating on the immune system, water is a great way to quickly flush that bad stuff out. Water works best, but also drinking lots of orange juice can be great too. Packed with vitamin C, orange juice helps build up and defend the immune system.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables

Being in a better condition 24/7 really helps in keeping away a cold. Eating fruits and vegetables helps in naturally boosting the immune system and keeping other important parts of your body working right. Having a healthy body and an alert mind helps keep sickness away.

3. Take a hot shower

Once those nasal cavities are stuffed headaches, neck pain, and discomfort may occur. Taking a hot shower helps steam out the annoying  mucus causing all that pain and nuisance. Not only does a hot shower produce steam it helps relax the muscles that are tensing due to the discomfort you may be feeling. Step into a nice warm shower and get ready to relax. One you step out, however, just be ready with the tissues.

4. Use eucalyptus, lemon, and honey

 The use of pungent herbs or teas like eucalyptus have a similar effect on nasal passages as a hot shower and help drain out all the gross phlegm keeping you awake at night. Adding lemon to tea or water provides a small amount of immune protection and aids as a natural energizer for the mind helping you stay alert despite how poorly you may feel.
5. Carry tissues and hand sanitizer 

It is important to stay clean to ward off any unwanted germs. Washing your hands often and well kills germs. This means using soap and water, rubbing your hands gently together for about 20 seconds before rinsing. Along these same lines, when you are sick it is important to carry around any essentials you may need. For men who prefer not to carry around any type of bag, a to-go pack of tissues can easily fit in the back pocket of a pair of jeans and moist antibacterial towelettes fit smoothly into the slots of a wallet. This way you can stay clean, healthy, and keep that flawless appearance. For women or men who carry a bag, purse, book bag, or satchel there are many things you can carry to protect and rid of germs and sickness. These may include tissues, hand sanitizer, cough drops, a bottle of energizingly scented herbal drops (essential oils), or an extra bottle of water.

6. Get rest

Plain and simple, everyone needs their sleep. Stay well rested and you are less likely to get sick. Get more rest when you are sick and get better quick.

Following these six tips may prevent or keep a calm under wraps until you can completely recover. Being sick isn’t great but being able to continue with life as you recover is exceptional. I hope you can survive this summer without a cold, but if one finds its way to you I hope this tips will do you well. Comment and let me know, what do you do to soothe a cold?

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