Life is Too Short

This is not an excuse. We can probably all agree that life is too short. If we had the choice to add some extra time to our lives we probably would. Most of us wish we had done something different or traveled somewhere new in our lifetimes but don’t think about it until it’s too late. Life is too short. Here is the thing, if you choose to live by that then you are just shortening it even more. Life is too short to do and life is too short to not do. No matter which end of the spectrum you are on think about how it may be affecting you.

The reason for this post is because of multiple recent discussions I have seen on Facebook. This year’s presidential election has been, one could say, a journey and I am not sure I want to know the destination. The views have been altogether ridiculous and strong hearted. I have seen so many relationships get cut off because people don’t side with the same candidate. I saw one comment on a post along the lines of life being too short to keep people in their life that support views they do not. Granted, they used strong descriptive terms that many people would not support either, but my point here is that unless the person him or herself supports such negative paragon and lives by them how can you judge them for supporting who they see as the lesser of two evils.

Life is too short to deal with unrelenting fools who frankly don’t give a damn, but it is not too short to get together with the people you love and care for and talk to them about their views. Instead of automatically deleting people with different views why not take it as a sign to get together with them? Have a calm and, dear lord please, level headed conversation asking each other why they feel the way they do about their ideas. Taking the time to talk to people can have a better outcome than not facing them at all. At the end of a conversation, you either have come to a decision together that the friendship must come to an end, the two or more of you can simply agree to disagree and continue with life, or the conversation goes wonderfully well and your relationship is stronger than ever. If you don’t take the time to listen to eachother and simply “delete” them from your life all you have done is created a frayed relationship with so many loose ends, questions, hot-headed hatred, and dislike that when this “too short” life comes to an end you may just have one more issue you wish you had another day to fix.

Of course, this does not apply only to politics. Social media, texting, and all these other ways of contact that don’t actually require contact has created this world where deleting people from our lives and telling them off without thinking once about how they may be feeling is too easy. I encourage you to find not the courage but simply the energy to get together with another person in real life, for lunch or coffee, anything really, and talk to them. It seems silly but life is too short not to pause and enjoy it. Life is too short not to face your problems as they come. Life is too short to hide behind a computer screen and spout contempt. I encourage you to forge your own path and take a chance.

In the end, you have a decision. To live fully with love and meaning or to live quickly consumed by your own opinions and judgments. Life is too short, but the people that choose option number one, they can go out knowing they made an impact somehow somewhere. Those who choose the latter will have not a few ends untied, but a whole mind of ribbons that could have been beautiful if they had cared for them, but frayed because they cared too much about what little time they had to help others fulfill their own.

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