Wellness Wednesday: Wisdom Teeth

Last Wednesday I was M.I.A and those of you looking forward to another Wellness Wednesday were left with only the posts from the last couple weeks. Well, I am here to make up for that and to give you a little wisdom on this Wednesday! My web absence can be blamed on my wisdom teeth removal. That’s right, I had four teeth surgically removed from my mouth. Ouch! There are a lot of ideas on what it means to have your wisdom teeth removed and what the side effects are exactly. Based on my experience, I’m here to clear some things up for you.

Remember, I am in no way an oral surgeon and I am only offering you advice based on my single experience and the advice and stories from friends and family. Anyways, it started off with the fears and worries. There are a lot of things I do not like especially when it comes to medical stuff. Needles are a huge no-no. Blood, another huge no-no. Anaesthetic, I’ve already lived one horror story related to the stuff I didn’t need another. The best thing for me was the support I had. The oral surgeon I went to had done the operation on a few of my friends and they had all survived. Hearing them talk good things about the specific person as experienced made things a lot better. The best way to go about most things in life are to go head on with a positive attitude. I had to tell myself that everything would be fine and it would be over quickly.

Mental reassurance came first. Videos of people being tricked into believing their tongue had fallen out or a zombie apocalypse was happening made me laugh. Operations like wisdom teeth removals can have different effects on everyone which lead me to worry again. I didn’t know if I would feel floaty and just hilarious like the people in the videos or in super pain bawling my eyes out. Either way, I needed to have it done because of the pain I was having. My wisdom teeth had impacted which means they were hitting the teeth next to them and would not break through my gums. I have already had braces and if I did not have my wisdom teeth removed I would have continued to feel pain and the teeth I had already spent a lot of money and time on to straighten up could have been crowded and become crooked again.

It came time for the surgery. The day before I drank TONS of fluids. This step is super important in helping the recovery process along and helps make sure you stay hydrated the day of surgery when eating or drinking may not be the best step right away. I tried to get well rested and not think about what was coming. Midnight hit and I, already asleep, was prepared not to eat or drink again until the operation was over. The day of I was not supposed to eat or drink. My appointment was scheduled early in the morning so not ingesting anything wasn’t too hard. Mother, brother, and boyfriend by my side I waited impatiently in the waiting room. I was moments away from having teeth dug out from my mouth and I wasn’t feeling in any sort of patient mood.

Once I was sent back it wasn’t too bad. Being awake to feel the needle in my arm wasn’t too great but I got past it. I answered a few questions and drifted off to sleep feeling a little lighter than usual. When I woke up the confusion began. I was back home with a gagging feeling. The same people were with me but I wasn’t at the office and it took me a moment to realize where I was. When I truly came to, I felt extremely nauseous. Already a pale person I’m told I turned a color even lighter than paper white. There was some blood but I never really got sick and after sleeping a little, replacing the cotton in my mouth once, and sleeping some more I was okay. The worst of it was over.

I spent the next couple of days on the sofa sleeping and watching television. A few hours after the surgery I was already supposed to be chewing like normal even chewing gum if I felt I could. My cheeks puffed up and what little pain occurred was stopped by some ibuprofen. The whole ordeal wasn’t too bad in the end.

In the couple moths before I had my wisdom teeth removed I talked to everyone from strangers to coworkers about their experiences. Some people remember having no pain and working the next day while others spent two weeks recovering. Some cried and others laughed. The one thing in common between everyone who had their wisdom teeth removed was that it wasn’t too bad. Everyone was okay and told me not to worry too much while equally understanding why I did. One surprising fact was that many people I talked to had never had them taken out. I spoke to children who had never thought about it and people in their twenties or thirties who still hadn’t gotten them removed. Most of the people avoiding the operation mentioned a feeling of  pain in their jaw. A sign getting your wisdom teeth checked on could be necessary.

Wisdom teeth removal can save you from a lot of hassle in the future. It will probably hurt a little, but hey, no pain no gain. There is a “worst” part and it will end quickly. Depending on how experienced your oral surgeon is the surgery could go by very fast. Mine was done in about half an hour. It is okay to worry about the abundance of things that could wrong as long as you understand the minimal percentage of how often they actually go wrong. It is okay to put it off, but not for too long because you don’t want to have more problems in the long run. Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be scary or it can be funny. Everyone is different. By the way, it does not mean you will be any less wise. Just let the medicine wear off if you don’t want to sound stupid. Think about visiting an oral surgeon soon if you have been avoiding the inevitable because listen, it isn’t that bad.

Happy Wellness Wednesday! I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions about my experience comment below. Check out any of the social media pages including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more. If you like what you’ve read here share it with your friends. Thank you for taking a look at A Writer’s Earth!


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