Home Is Where The Heart Is

Fall semester is about to begin which means students everywhere are packing their bags and getting ready to start a life somewhere new. Some will be moving into a dorm before their first year and others are signing the lease to a house. I just moved into an apartment and I’m realizing really quick that home is where the heart.

This semester begins my second year of college. I have already experienced moving away from home and meeting new people. I already lived in a dorm, fought with my old friends, and made some awesome memories with new ones. I already realized that college is not high school and you really do have to study. This semester is different. I already got to go back home after a year away. I already got to sleep in the room I grew up in and get coffee at my hometown coffee shop. I got to realize what I had after being away and now I have to move back away from it. What I’m learning from this is that life takes us places we never expect.

I never expected to get a summer job at a brewery and I never expected I would move to a big city to major in journalism. Life takes us places we never expect. So, sitting in my new apartment I thought about how much I miss home and all the things I’m used to, but then I started to think about why I am in this new place. I realized how appreciative I should be of what I have and while, yes, my heart is still in my hometown with my parents and boyfriend, I need to share my heart with what I now call home.

Even if we hate where life takes us we have to realize that we are meant to be there. That one day it will all work out and we will look back and think “gosh I hated life then but without that horrible time I would never have made it to where I am today.” I don’t know your situation but I do know that every once and a while we forget to be thankful for the things we have even if they aren’t so great. Living in a world where robots can take down our grocery lists for us and women can go to space, we have to remember to take care of ourselves. Relying on things with a battery life and touch screen can only take us so far. This goes right along with moving somewhere new.

We can pout and be upset, but in the end, we are wherever we end up. For me, I have ended up in a new apartment and if I don’t try to find happiness here I never will. So as I unload groceries that I walked to the store to get and as I make myself lunch I am realizing that this is home. This is physically where my heart is and I get to tell myself when to go to bed and when to make dinner. I get to go to class and learn so I can go somewhere with my life. I get to open my mind to new restaurants and new coffee shops because that is what I am surrounded by. When family and friends visit I get to be even more excited and when my roommate walks in the door I get to know that we are in this together. Home is where the heart is. Open your heart and let home become wherever  you are.

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