Wellness Wednesday: Go Mental

This wellness Wednesday we are talking about the importance of your mental health. Wellness is not only physical and it is important to take a moment every day to appreciate yourself, declutter your mind of unnecessary thoughts, and open yourself up to new opportunities.

If looking in the mirror is a cause of grief you haven’t spent enough time appreciating yourself. You are the only you there is. That is a fact. Even if you have a twin sibling or a doppelganger somewhere on this earth, you are coded differently on the inside. Realizing this can sometimes be hard and even apply some pressure as though you have some sort of duty since you are the only one with your own abilities. What matters is not that you succeed at everything but that you accept failures as they come, learn from them, and appreciate the person you are every day because of your flaws and what you learn from your mistakes.

Declutter your mind. We use our brains to do everything. Making sure we keep it tidy up in there is super important. Easy ways to declutter your mind include making lists of tasks you need to do and checking them off as you complete them. If you are at a stressful point in your life it really can help to simply release some emotion. Let yourself cry or watch a television show that you know will make you laugh. Crying or laughing helps release some good chemicals in your brain you may have been depriving yourself of. Get some sleep. When you go to bed it allows your brain time to take all of what you learned and did that day and file it away. The longer you sleep the more time your brain has to file away. Just don’t over sleep because, in the end, it can potentially make you even more tired and confused.

Open yourself up to new opportunities. Doing something new everyday is helpful in so many ways. Without change or new information we can’t grow or learn anything. Wouldn’t that be a boring world? Even if you just take a different route driving to work in the morning it stimulates your brain because it can’t just dive straight into hum-drum routine. Try making a new meal for dinner or drinking more water. All of these simple activities help liven up life and arouse parts of the brain you may not have even noticed before.

Mind over body. Before you try to change yourself in any physical ways make sure you have accepted yourself mentally. Enjoy today and the life you live. Appreciate yourself and the fact that no one could ever be just like you. Go mental and love yourself as a character! Love the you that exists inside where no one else can see. Happy wellness Wednesday!

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