Don’t Be Trashy

This past week I moved into my new apartment and so far I am in love with the place. One problem I’ve run into is a lack of trashcans. When I was in the dorm, the university supplied me with a recycling bin so I only needed one small trashcan. Some students didn’t even bring a trashcan since there were several just across our hall. Taking a trip to Lowes I realized really quick that trashcans aren’t cheap. Eh, a range of 10 to 20 dollars for a trashcan isn’t too bad but it adds up quickly when there is still a whole list of apartment stuff left to purchase. So, here are a few quick and easy ways to improvise trashcans around your new place until you feel ready to spend a little extra cash on the real thing.

1. The Plastic Bag

Chances are you probably already have an empty plastic grocery bag and a drawer somewhere around your place. A really easy trash solution is to fold one side of a plastic grocery bag over a drawer. Shut the drawer and, voilá, problem solved!

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2. The Paper Bag

The downside to the plastic bag is that it sort of needs to be out where people can see it. If you want something  a little sturdier so you can hide it away, try a paper grocery bag. Take a paper grocery bag (it doesn’t matter where you go grocery shopping I just happened to have a Kroger bag) and turn down the sides. It stands up on its own so you can hide it away easily. If you think it might leak, put a plastic grocery bag inside of it to line it. The paper bag is also bigger which means fewer trips to the dumpster.

3. The Box

Moving into a new place means unpacking. Once you empty out a box, it can be anything from cardboard to plastic, use it as a trashcan. Once it’s full, empty it out in the dumpster and bring it back inside or throw it away and start over once you have unpacked another box.

Decluttering as you go instead of waiting until you have everything unpacked is easier in the end and helps ease some stress so you won’t be surrounded by more stuff than you need to be. Recycling simple household materials to create these quick trash cans saves you some money and time as you are first getting settled in.

Comment below and let me know how these quick fixes work for you! Share with someone you know moving into a new place and like for more articles like this. Thank you for reading!

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