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☐It’s complicated 💘

Is it important to post your relationship status on social media? Will it harm your relationship in the end? Does it matter? These are questions that many modern day singles and couples often ask themselves. The answer to all of these questions is easy to answer with just a few simple steps.

Okay, Singles Let’s Get Real…

Being single can be usual, fun, or sad depending on who you are. The reality is we choose how we react to our circumstances which, in the end, leads to how we feel. This is not a bad thing. It just means we each have our own relationship preference.

If being single is just the regular for you and you’re fine with that then there is absolutely no necessity for you to publicly display that information. You are living life the way you want to and you owe no one the satisfaction of sharing your status with them. It’s your choice.

If being single is fun for you then you also have some options. Letting others know you’re single can be a way for you to show off. You enjoy what you are and you aren’t afraid to flaunt it. Doing so may encourage other happily single friends of yours to want to get together knowing you feel the same and don’t have some deeper meaning behind being with them. You could also choose not to display this information because you enjoy being single and don’t want people assuming your status implies a want for a relationship. It’s your choice.

If you are sad being single go ahead and put it out there that you are single. Others singles may want to hang around you and lift your spirits. It also lets people know you are looking for a date. However, if you don’t want people knowing you are single even though you wish you weren’t you don’t have to let people know. No one has any say over what you share online except for you. It’s your choice.

When you are single it is simple. You either check single or you don’t. Having a crush on someone or wishing you were in a relationship does not mean it’s complicated, it means you are single and having some feelings, but it isn’t complicated. Check it or don’t, it’s your choice.

Oh Couples, Stop Fighting About It, Let’s Talk…

Is it important for couples to post their relationship status on social media? No. All in all, it is not important, but if it is important to someone in the relationship then it becomes important. Being in a relationship means there is give and take, but even more so, it means there must be a compromise. If one partner in a relationship feels having their status set to taken or in a relationship is important to them then that should be respected by their partner.

Having your status up should not be a negative thing and if both people in the relationship are fine not having it up for their friends to see then that is fine. However, if it seems like your status is only up to validate the relationship then the two of you should sit down and have a conversation. A relationship status does not validate a relationship. It allows you to share your joy with your loved ones and allow those you care about to keep up with you and know who you are with. If one partner in a relationship is extremely against having the relationship status up it can allow for some unease.

Ask them, or yourself if that is the case, why they or you don’t want it posted? Make sure they aren’t trying to hide you. Your partner should be happy to be with you and if they are trying to hide you away you need to be sure they are in the relationship for the right reasons. If they are extremely private online but happy to be with you in public, you may want to consider their wants and agree not to post it online. However, keeping you entirely in the dark does not usually bode well.

Just remember, it’s your choice.

It’s Complicated….

Use this button when you are in some super intricate love triangle and you really aren’t sure if you are in a relationship, single, or just juggling dates. Use this button when you want to post your relationship online but the other person doesn’t and they aren’t willing to talk so you think it might end soon. Don’t use this button. Use this button. Seriously, it’s your choice.

Did You Catch All Of That?

To sum it all up, IT IS YOUR CHOICE. What other people think is of no relevance as to whether or not you post your relationship status. If you are single you really get to choose. If you have no idea what’s going on and it really is complicated then you get to chose. When you are in a relationship just make sure you talk about it and understand why each other feels the way they do about posting or not posting. In a relationship, together you make the choice. It doesn’t have to be a big deal.

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