10 Things College Students Really Want in A Care Package

Listen folks, right now my curtains consist of newspaper and bedsheets. It’s just temporary, but it will make do for now. Come to think of it, lots of college students are just making do right now and one of the many amazing things you can do to help is send a care package. To some people this may sound stressful or unimportant. What do you put in a care package? Does it have to have meaning behind it? Is it like a gift or what? Does it really matter?

Right away I can tell you this, no your care package does not have to have any deeper meaning and no you don’t have to feel like you are buying a gift. A care package is a way to show the student in your life that you are thinking about them and want to help out a little. To the person receiving it, in many ways, it is a gift, but the things you put inside it can be simpler than you might think. Here are ten things the student you know really needs and wants in a care package.


  1. Toilet Paper

Simple enough, everyone uses toilet paper and chances are you buy it in bulk. Throw one roll from your stash in the bathroom cabinet and into a cardboard box and you already have an awesome care package under way. Same goes for paper towels or napkins. These paper products can be used in so many different ways and save your student from hundreds of messes and spills. Adulting (is that in the dictionary yet?) can be hard and messy.


  1. Gum

It has been said that if you chew the same flavor gum while you take a test that you chew while you are studying, it can help your memory and in the end help your grade. Sticking a pack of gum in your care package not only provides your student with hours of entertainment and the surprise of a new flavor, but it can help them academically. I haven’t tested the gum theory out, but I’ll let you know if I do. Right along with gum is snacks. Any kind of snack let it be gummy worms, carrots, or chocolate keeps your student from going hungry. Just make sure if the package has a long trip to make it isn’t something that will go bad.


  1. Pens

Pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, staples, paper… the list of office supplies you can send is endless but no matter which you pick to send it will definitely be helpful. Even if you think they might not need any more office supplies, the rate at which college students manage to use and lose their stuff is super-fast. Send more whenever and always.


  1. Coins

You know all that loose change you have around the house and sometimes you just want to get rid of it? Put it in a zip-lock bag and add it to the box. There are test papers students need to get that cost less than a dollar. Quick change can save a student from being unprepared for a last minute test and helps when they need a little extra cash to tip their waiter when they go out to eat. Money is always a great care package item and even a nickel can go a long way.


  1. Succulents

When I look around and see my little plants I’ve managed to keep alive it makes me feel pretty good. Especially students who go to college in a city, seeing some nature can help them relax. Succulents are an awesome type of plant for college students because many only need watered about once a week. At number five, you are half-way done creating a care package! Also, if all you’ve got is a small box and five items sounds good to you, go ahead and send it. Any little thing can make your students day.


  1. Get Crafty

Make a card or send them a CD of their favorite tracks. Making something turns your care package into something personal that your student can cherish. Even sticking in a photo of you two together can up your care package game.


  1. Batteries

Batteries are another item you might have around the house that can be a life saver. Television remotes, smoke detectors, and alarm clocks are just a few daily-used or important items that need batteries. More and more things just get plugged in or charged for energy, but the number of items that still need batteries can be surprising.


  1. Mugs

A mug can not only be used for drinks like coffee (thank goodness), but also to make soup, a one-serving brownie, microwave mac-and-cheese, or as a pencil holder. The uses for mugs are endless. They can also be cheap and super cute. Who knows, you may even have an extra around your place you can afford to send away.


  1. Soft Blankets

Especially in the winter, a super soft blanket is a great choice. Used for warmth, something to cuddle, and something to get cozy in during an all-nighter, blankets are great. When moving, blankets can also be used to wrap up fragile items to keep them from getting scratched or breaking. They may even end up being impromptu curtains.


  1. Stickers

This might sound silly to you but it is true. Students often need a way to reward themselves after a long day of studying. For some that is a cup of coffee and for others it’s dinner out. Sending the student in your life some way-to-go, smiley face, scented, or just an array of stickers is a cute way to show you are thinking about them. I told you I’d tell you some simple things didn’t I. Number ten! That’s it!


These are just a few ideas and there are tons more. Hopefully this will help get you started. Go pick a box and start filling it! Coming home to a care package after a three-hour test or just a boring lecture hall can incredibly brighten any student’s day.

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