Seek peace, do not act upon truculence.

Human nature is to want to be right. Being told we are wrong can put a kink in our self-confidence and make us second guess our own opinions. Often times, we seek truth only when it follows our own beliefs and deny the truth when it strays from our views. We are creatures of complacency.

The hindrance that comes with our own nature is that each of us shares these characteristics. Naturally speaking, it seems that compromise and accommodation are words that could not have any meaning to them other than complete gibberish. This explains almost all the crime in the world. It explains war and divorce. It explains competition and over-indulging. Yet, somehow, happiness exists.

After hours of telling our toddlers to share, eventually, at least some of them, learn. There are successful relationships and countries at peace. There are many people who manage not to commit crimes and there are many people who can limit themselves. These people seek peace. They seek truth and instead of accepting that it denies their original ideas of the subject they accept the truth as their own. They do not conform to the norm but they place their opinions where they matter and have none where an honest fact exists.

Yearning to be right is human nature, but truculence, denying your fault with aggression, is selfish. Live in a world where opinion is needed and regarded with high esteem. Be in a world where reality comes first but creativity expands its vision. There is no need to hold each other’s hand and guide each other a certain way. When a person faces a truth they have denied, allow them to openly accept it and move on without judgment or penalty. We are creations of fault as well as pride. Don’t deny these truths. See them. Revel in them and live with an open mind. Only when we stop to seek honesty in the opinions of others can we find peace as a whole.

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