Opportunities are fish and we are fishermen. This world is a large ocean full of fish. They swim by us and circle around us. They nibble on the bait we hold out to them and sometimes they eat it whole getting away unscathed. How can they be so swift?!

A good question, but how many times have we let them slip from our own grasp? How many times have they basically bitten down on our hooks and we just let them go?

Some days are better than others. On a good day, we grab our fish and we carry them home with us. Yet, why on a bad day, when fish come swimming right at us, do we let them go?

Stress, anxieties, lacking self-confidence. These and many more are simple but overwhelming characteristics that can take us over and scare away what are sometimes very important fish. Relax. Accept anything about yourself that is inevitable. Realize every chance could be your only or last. Allow the sneaky and quick fish to get away without feeling sadness, but make sure to take charge when a fish is just treading water by your boat.

Opportunities are fish and we are fishermen. Don’t let an annoying bug buzzing by your ear distract you from the colorful fish parading in front of you.

[via Daily Prompt: Fish]