Skin Care: Winter is Coming

When the weather gets cold and the air grows dry, so does our skin. Often the products we use such as lotions and face wash include ingredients that do more harm than good to our bodies. As it gets colder, it’s time to start looking through the products you use daily and making sure they aren’t contributing to any dryness or cracking that may begin to occur as the weather changes. Try out these five tips for smoother more moisturized and glowing skin.

5. Daily moisture

Try to start and end your day by washing your face using only lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. In the mornings I simply rinse my face with water and dry off before applying Neutrogena oil-free moisture for sensitive skin. I like this product because it is water-based where many products contain alcohol which dries out the skin. I only rinse in the mornings to rid of any oil build-up that may have occurred at night. Then I moisturize to replenish the skin with moisture. At night I use Yes to Carrots daily cream facial cleanser. I wash my face to clear the skin of any oil build up from the day and do not moisturize at night because of natural oil build-up that I know will occur while I am sleeping.

Using hot water when washing your face or showering can be a good decongestant and muscle reliever while cold water can help wake you up and make you feel refreshed. Despite these benefits, both can dry out your skin. Feel free to use whatever temperature water you prefer when showering or washing your hands and face, but if you choose to use hot or cold water instead of lukewarm water, be sure to take extra caution in other parts of your skincare routine to make up for any damage.

4. Drink lots of water

What you put in is what you get out. It’s really that simple! Dry skin could be your body telling you to drink more water.

3. Whole body care

In the shower and out of the shower use moisturizing products. I use Olay age-defying body wash with vitamin E. I noticed a significant difference when I switched to this product from my previous one. The body moisturizer I use differs all the time but I always moisturize after every shower. This keeps the moisture locked in.

2. Dress for the weather

Skin is sensitive to winter’s harsh conditions. Cold air and wind can dry out your skin. When it is cold or windy out wear long sleeves with a sweater or jacket. Keeping your skin moisturized with healthy cleansing and the right lotions is good but then it is important to keep it protected externally with the clothes your wear.

1. Listen
The best thing you can do to keep your skincare great is to keep an eye out and listen to what your skin might be trying to tell you. As it gets cold out, does your skin start to feel itchy? This could be a sign that you need to drink more or change up the moisturizer you use. The products we should use in the summer and winter differs greatly. If you notice your lips chapping or the skin on your knuckles cracking more these may be signs you need to moisturize. I can give you all the tips in the world but the best thing you can do is figure out what works best for you.

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