Why I’m Sending Thank You Cards

Until my birthday and any sweet surprises from my boyfriend on Valentines Day, the season of gifting is coming to an end, that is, for 2016. Some of us smile and say thank you when we are given a gift and even fewer of us send thank you cards. They are time-consuming, out-dated, and sometimes costly. When we can thank someone in person or send them a quick thank you in Snapchat, why should we go through the hassle of sending a letter that is just going to be thrown away anyways? Here are a few reasons why sending a thank you letter should definitely make a comeback.

It shows you truly care.
When I was little, my mother would urge me to write thank you notes for days and even weeks. Sometimes it would get done and other times it wouldn’t. At the time, all I could think was “I don’t want to waste my time doing that when I could be watching T.V.” Well, now I see that this is exactly why handwritten letters are so important. It is true. We all have something else we could or should be working on, but the fact that we took a few minutes out of the day to write a note shows whoever the card is going to that they matter more to you than something else you could have been working on. Especially when it comes to thank-you notes, a letter shows you took time out of the day specifically to write down how much you appreciate the gift they so graciously gave you.

It’s unexpected.
Receiving something in the mail, that isn’t junk or a package you ordered for yourself, is quickly becoming a rarity. Getting a thoughtful letter could make someone’s day. A letter is much like a getting a compliment on something you never thought anybody would notice. It is out-of-the-blue and thoughtful. It is a great way to brighten a friend’s day and also a good present in return to whatever they gave you originally.

It is a fresh mantle piece.
Pricey or not, thank you cards can act as art and help fill that perfectly odd amount of empty space on the mantle. Homemade cards are personal and beautiful. Sitting up around the house they are great conversation starters and awesome artwork. Store-bought cards can be just as beautiful and meaningful. Homemade cards may take some time to make but it can save you money in the long run. I mean, unless you buy the bulk boxes of cards, a single thank you card can get expensive real quick. Trust me, fold a piece of paper in half and create you own little thankful masterpiece.

Its simplicity is extraordinary.
Older family members and friends who knew life before technology receive a card and remember the good old days. Now, the sentiment of a letter can be just as refreshing. Something tangible, unlike a text message, really connects the sender and receiver. Sending a card may not be immediate but its rewards go beyond that of a quick and easy thank you.

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