Strong Foundation: How to Have a Healthy Relationship

The heart is a home.
A house built on the wrong land is sure to crumble one day. If the materials are poorly made eventually they will rot. A relationship built on false pretenses is sure to crumble one day. If the hearts involved have poor intentions eventually they will rot.

Poor materials lead to quick damage. 
A lie is a lie. It is false. It is deceitful. No matter how small eventually the truth will come out. So the next time a man or woman asks you if you like something, answer honestly. Don’t lie just to seem like you have something in common with them. This method of getting a date is shown in many movies. If you have ever seen 21 Dresses starring Katherine Heigl you know for a fact that telling a vegetarian you are too when in reality you are a ravage meat eater is not exactly a good idea. Lying about your interests to someone who could become or is your significant other is a bad idea because it creates a poor foundation. These cheap materials, or lies, create a foundation that is easily cracked and ruined. The fact that you felt like you needed to lie in the first place should show from the start that they are the wrong person for you.

The true money pit*. 
Love at first sight is a dangerous statement. The only thing the mind has to identify a person by at first sight is how they look and what they are doing. Basing love off of these things is much like telling a lie only you are telling it to yourself. It is possible to feel attraction at first sight and an interest to get to know a person, yes, but love is an emotion that is felt stronger with time and experience. People change over time and there are two choices: grow together or grow apart. If your love for a person is based on how they appeared the first moment you met them you are more likely to grow apart.

Grow together.
Don’t give up. Love is easy but a relationship takes effort. Once you build a strong foundation for a house you don’t just stop building because you are tired. You lay brick by brick and board by board. Some days are easier than others but in the end, you get this amazing, beautiful home. Then you get to think about the garden and furniture, but it all starts with a foundation. If it starts off bad and a wall falls down it might be time to end it, but if the foundation comes out sturdy and even and just a few bricks are crooked, fix them together. Learn and grow together. Build each other support. Let the love bloom in the gardens to come.

*In reference to the 1986 comedy The Money Pit

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