January Book Reveal: A.W.E. Book Club

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The ball has dropped and 2016 is gone! Some are crying tears of joy right now while others are welcoming in 2017 as though it’s just another year like any other. Whether it is a joyous day or just another day for you, it’s important to enter 2017 with your best foot forward. Start the year off right with the first A.W.E Book Club novel of the year… *drum roll*…Unmistakable: Why Only is Better Than Best by Srinivas Rao.


This book will give you the positive energy you need to refresh your perspective on life. Was 2016 dull for you? Do you feel stuck in one place? Have you been listening to your criticizers more than your supporters? Be the only one not the best one. Take it from Rao himself who made his dream reality. In his writing, he gives real life examples of his philosophy, how he came to them, and why they work. Rao runs a podcast series titled The Unmistakable Creative Podcast. Click the image below to hear Rao talk about his book.


Here’s to a year full of great opportunities, new friends, amazing memories, and great literature. To writers and readers alike, happy new year! If you have any book suggestions or questions, comment below or email through the contact form.


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