I’ve been stumped, trumped
taken over by a made up sort
said some things
did some stuff
but now I’ve got to open up

This emotion, these feelings
they are in charge now
I disagree to what they are telling
but I’ll listen you bet em’
Alert I’ll be but free you’ll see

Open wide my eye’s decide
the image up front, it’s distorted
dripping off the edges, it starts to go wild
but I’ll speak up. My lips take charge
and my eyes I’ll just close em’

Let my heart empty out
it knows how to speak
an organ it is but a leader with feet
One step forward, two steps back
but a step at all is motion in fact

hush now my anger
hush now my pride
another heart lingers, many
each side.
Even that man, why,

he knows what’s right.
Shed the respect on him
like a white dog on dark sheets
Welcome him with kindness
when the claws come out

not from stretch but from terror
grab the bottle
spray em’
cuddle up now, cuz look, ears up
he’s listenin’

We’ve been stumped, we’ve been trumped
fight fire with fire
the whole world will burn down
Give those hot coals a cold glass of water
seeing red, white, and blue be calm. We’re fine.

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