It seems like every pair of socks I own end up with a hole in them. No, not the one in each sock you use to put them on your feet, but random ones all over. Sometimes my big toe peeps through the way I imagine the top of a tophat popping off in a cartoon as another character pulls it over their foes head. Other times the entire bottom of my foot will be revealed. Sometimes it’s a combination of both.

 I wash my socks often and keep my toenails trimmed, yet still the threads of my socks release, little tiny ropes breaking apart, leaving my feet chilly. There may be something to learn from this or it might just mean I should buy better socks. Either way, I feel I’m not the only one with the sock hole problem. The littlest things can connect people; start friendships. The next time I’m trying to make friends maybe I’ll mention my sock hole problem, yet again, maybe I won’t…

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