February Book Reveal: A.W.E. Book Club

This week has been uber busy for me and I am on a wild study schedule right now, but I really wanted to take a break from my studies to reveal the February A.W.E Bok Club novel! This month we are taking it back to the 1920’s where we will follow a woman named Rose Baker through her daily life as a police stenographer. When a new typist joins the staff, Rose is led into taking new risks.


The book is The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell. We are in the ride together on this one. I saw this book as I was perusing the Barnes and Nobles on campus. I purchased it and now it has been sitting on my bookshelf gathering dust for the past few months. After starting the year off right with the optimistic Srinivas Rao, a historical fiction, thriller, dark-comedy felt like the right way to branch off next. If this isn’t really your type of book either, hopefully, next month’s will be for you. However, I am going to recommend that you read this one regardless of you literature taste. Don’t knock it until you try it, right?


My copy of the book does include a reader’s guide which I do intend to look through and pick some questions from. These may help guide the reading, but they may also just be a great way to conclude any left-over thoughts at the end of the month. I hope no matter how hectic life gets, these monthly book suggestions and discussions help you escape reality if not for a moment and help you just take a breath. The goal here is not to add stress or more work but to suggest reading material and give you something to enjoy and look forward to. Thank you for reading the February A.W.E Book Club novel reveal and here is to a February full of adventure!

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