Taste the Rainbow- … (oh that slogan is already taken) Unicorn Frap ✔️

Starbucks recently released its Unicorn Frappuccino. Hearing of this crazy concoction, this sounded like something I would definitely want to try. Its ever changing flavor, its beautiful colors, and it has sprinkles?!?! Who wouldn’t want to try this? I’m always on the hunt to try new things and this frappuccino, well, let’s say I apparently had my standards too high.

The evening of the taste I found out I had a virus and I’m not sure if the stomach bug was part of that or part of the frappuccino. Nonetheless, after ordering the fanciful drink and watching it be made, it was handed to me looking almost exactly as it appeared in the advertisements. A blue squiggle line aroung the middle inside of the clear cup, the drink itself was a darkish purple and it was topped off with white whipped cream and pink sprinkles. Comparing it to the poster above me, they were almost identical.

I took a seat in the store and prepared myself wondering, what is this going to taste like, and, should I really be putting something this colorful into my mouth? Soon enough I got the answer to both of my questions, no.

I wanted to like it so bad. I’m a huge supporter of Starbucks and this was one of the few specialty drinks I specifically left my living place to try. Somehow, I drank the whole grande and I’m not sure how I expected my stomach to keep it down? Let’s start with the flavor.

I think it was supposed to taste like mango, but the second that first sip hit my tongue, my taste buds went on a frantic search through their records of everything they have ever encountered and what they tasted was nowhere in them. Days later I can still feel my tongue and brain having this round-table conversation about what exactly that taste was. Well, next I was told that stirring the drink would make it pink and change the flavor.

Boy, was that a mistake? I soon found out that the pretty blue squiggle on my cup was sour! I don’t know who had the idea of serving something sour in a coffee shop, but that is not the idea for me. My face must have twisted into about a million different expressions before returning to home plate. All I could think was, what just happened?!

The one positive from this experience was that it put a smile on my face. A lot of my friends, lots of comments on the internet, and even myself said some really judgey things about the Unicorn Frap. These included remarks on who the company was aiming at especially right around April 20th. (If you don’t understand why that date matters, don’t ask me, I just know it exists and I have no participation.) Some people were talking about it being childish and really pop culture based.

However, despite all this , I was excited to go order a Unicorn Frappuccino. I love bright colors, sprinkles, caffeine, and new experiences. The thing is, even if my favorite color was black, I didn’t beleive in body piercings, or if I hated all things with flavor (none of which are connected or really relevant) I shouldn’t, no body should ever, feel ashamed to try something they are intereseted in. Don’t knock it until you try it.

In the end it put a smile on my face. Congratulations Starbucks, you get more free advertising from everybody with an instagram who thinks this drink is pretty and you started another conversation. They haven’t lost me as a customer because of this, especially after introduing their new Ember Temperature Control Mug, but I’m a little disappointed. There were so many things they could have done with the flavoring and they chose a combination of supposed mango and sour stuff. Better luck next time.

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