Be Exclusive Without Excluding

“We’re exclusive.” This is a saying that has been around for quite some time to implicate a relationship without really declaring each other as boyfriend or girlfriend. It makes sense. When something is exclusive it means that only a certain few, or in this case, a certain couple are included. The problem with some relationships is that being exclusive as a couple seems to mean being exclusive as people as well and this is unhealthy for a relationship.

No matter what stage of a relationship you are in, from early dating to a successful marriage, it is important to involve yourselves and each other in a type of social life. This is true even for introverts. Being in a relationship can be comforting because it typically means you have found somebody you can associate with easily. They tend to bring you happiness and a shoulder to lean on when you are upset.

This being said, you may not want to share time with this person with other people or you just may not realize that when you are together you tend to sequester yourself away from everyone else. It is hoped that after reading this article if you are this person or couple that you may take a moment to realize if you need to make any changes.

Time alone together is very important in a relationship; however, without time spent around friends apart and together can make all that time alone together not so fun. Imagine a scenario when you don’t see your significant other except for every other weekend because you live some distance apart. This time when you do see each other is special and you tend to just stay in and spend time together. This is good, but there needs to be a balance.

Friends may begin to notice a recurring theme that when your significant other is in town they are not welcome around you or that you are suddenly unavailable. They may also realize that they don’t really know your partner and that this is partly because you have never initiated any time for this to happen. All of these push you and your friends apart, as a huge portion of your life, although they are a person, is being kept what appears to be secret from them.

Spending time with your friends and partner together tends for a healthy relationship and friendships because it keeps everyone included, it makes time just the two of you together more intimate and makes for memories that you can share with more people than just the two of you. If you are in a relationship and feel that some of your long-term friendships are beginning to falter, examine the time you spend with your significant other and see how often you involve your friends or family, whoever may be in your life other than your partner. Even more so, keeping your partner included in your friendships can make them feel more included in your life.

If this does not seem to be a problem then congratulations. Keeping on being the love birds you are and socializing however you may be. Yet, take some time and maybe even ask your friends or family if they feel you are pushing them away when you are with your partner. Keeping open communication between your friends and your significant other will help cure any unknown concerns or upsets.

Just remember to be exclusive without excluding everyone else from your life. If you are hoping to keep this person in your life it’s important to let them know that they are more to you than just comfort and more to you than just something to show off. Balance is key and even if you consider yourself an introvert with only a few close friends, it can be even more important to let all these people know that they have meaning to you even when the person you love is in town.

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