Lavender In All Of Its Beauty

Loco for Lavender

Every few months a new fad pops up among each different group. Right now, kids are obsessing over regular toys made out of a squishy substance called Squishies and some are making their own slime with glue and borax. Slime specifically is making a come back from when I was a kid. Activism has become popular among many adults as we see protests pop up more and more all over the country. We can see many patterns all around us popping up. Some may fade out after a few months and others will survive, but right now among coffee fanatics and foodies lavender has taken the main stage.

Sipping my iced soy honey lavender latte, I can vouch for this fad. I get it in my drinks and it’s growing on my balcony. I wear it on my wrists in the form of a locally made roll-on perfume. My wedding Pinterest board is blowing up with lavender color schemes and floral arrangements. What’s the one abnormal color I have ever died my hair? Lavender. So, what is it about this plant that has people visiting fields of it just for the Instagram pic?


I’m not talking about the new and absolutely chill Alt-J album (seriously, listen to those songs and sip some lavender lemonade. That’s a relaxing afternoon). I’m talking about the medicinal and edible uses of lavender. The main reason I use lavender anything is that the smell is super relaxing. It aids in relieving stress and can help with sleep problems (although, if sleep is why you are using it, you should probably stick to decaf.)

I’m a super high-stress person, but most people probably wouldn’t describe me that way. I might be busy but not high-stress. The reason for that is because while I am stressed I am also good at stress management and one simple way to manage some stress is to place yourself in a stress-free environment. If an assignment is due in two hours my first reaction is not panic. My first reaction is to smell that beautiful lavender plant on the porch, turn on my Himalayan salt lamp (known for detoxifying its environment of negative ions) and breathe. Then get to work because that work isn’t going to do itself!

If you’re feeling a little stretched out mentally but can’t put a pause on work then turn your work environment into a little haven. Make some lavender tea or light a lavender candle. How you prepare your mind for stress can greatly affect how the stress will affect you.

Calming in Color

Remember that third-grade art class when you learned about primary colors and warm versus cool? Well, the color of lavender begins with a blue base. It’s blue foundation gives it the label of a cool color. Cool colors are known to be calming. To make lavender you give the blue a pink hue by adding some red. Adding these warm hints makes the color comforting. It’s in the science of color and emotions, folks! Eh, no matter what the art majors and scientists of the world say, it’s hard to deny that looking at a lavender piece of paper makes you feel more calm than upset.

This is a great way to make your environment even more stress-free and calming. If you can’t light a candle because of building codes or you can’t have a plant because no sunlight comes inside your apartment, you can easily add hints of it around your home or office. You may not want to paint the whole place lavender, but getting some things you use daily that you can set around may help. It could be a lavender picture frame around a photo that makes you happy or getting a lavender stapler. It’s the little things.

Lavender Look Out

So we have covered the flavor, scent, and color of lavender as soothing in its nature. Great, but why now? What makes it a fad? Whether an influential person of this world put it in their tea and claimed it great or the supply and demand curve hit just right, we may never know. What makes anything a fad? In the end, we will see. How long will lavender last on the chalkboards in coffee shops? When the fields are out of season, will people forget about it? I’m a lavender lover for life, but as for its shelf life as a fad or way of life, we’re on the lavender look out.

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