The Swing of Things

It has been a couple of months since I last posted a blog post. I have recently gotten into the habit of posting extremely long updates explaining my life in vague detail to all of my personal Facebook friends. (Fun fact: this is an easy way to weed through those who added you for an additional friend count and for those who care.) This is not necessarily a negative action, but it really doesn’t do much other than updating the ten or so people who are really interested in my life among personal circles.

I had fallen out of blogging because I lost my way. In absolute honesty, I never really had a direction in my blogging. I knew the many different things I liked to write about, but it was all a blur of tabs offering extremely different work, and it still is. Thankfully, this thought process has led me back to my blog.

I’m now in my senior year of finishing a journalism major. This has opened my mind to many new questions. Is journalism what I really what I want to do (after studying it for three years)? Where do I go from here? How do I balance it all now? This last question comes from understanding that to graduate in May, I need to pass the 12 classes I have left in this semester and spring semester combined.

Still a bit of a puzzle, I have recently managed to clear up some of these questions for myself, and I hope that they will help you in whatever journey you have coming up as well. As for whether I want to pursue journalism, that has a very complex answer. There are two reasons I went into journalism: I felt journalism would be a practical major. Seeing that my love of writing may have improved through an English or Creative Writing major, I would not have learned much I couldn’t already pick up and learn from any ole’ book; I’m able to come out of university saying I learned something new. Second, I don’t like how journalism is currently practiced and by learning the same methods other journalists do in college, I can respectfully find my own way in the journalism world in an educated manner.

In the end, I must remember that I came into college knowing I may not pursue journalism. It was a learning curve for me. My grammar has improved impeccably, and I have learned a lot about how to report stories as fair and accurate. Unfortunately, I’ve learned many lessons on the parts of journalism that I do not approve of, and I hope that if I do pursue journalism I will either be able to write about what I love, arts and culture, or not only that, but begin my own media brand focused on reporting with unquestionable ethics and character. I often tell myself this is a “long-term goal” or
“high hopes,” but I know that this is a very possible goal if I work for it.

Graduation is still a while away, but in reality that “while” is only a few months and I’d rather have ideas or a plan I need to change than find myself completely scrambling last minute. This takes me to answer the question where should I go from here? This presents a list in my mind of what needs to be accomplished. This includes deciding where to live next year and I don’t want to stay where I currently am. This opens up a nearly endless list of places I could move to, and being in a long-term relationship, this is a conversation I am not willing to just have with myself but also with my significant other.

After deciding this, or possibly while we do, I know I need to start applying for jobs in these areas. To a degree, this means deciding if I want to pursue journalism immediately or not, but also not being limited to class schedules and required courses, it allows me to broaden my options and see what all I I have learned in college will allow me to do next. Along with my major, I am also double minoring in history and creative writing. Already, my options have grown ten-fold because of this.

There is a lot to think about and as you can see, I haven’t quite gotten it all figured out. However, I have that wonderful last question to answer, how do I balance it all now? The answer is breaking it all down. The answer is taking my course load day-by-day and making sure to complete and do well on my assignments. The answer is talking to those I love and working through the where do I go next question with experienced and caring people. The answer is a life plan doesn’t come in one day and I have to trust in myself to take everything one step at a time and to be constantly aware of the next deadline.

There is a lot weighing on my mind right now that goes beyond school and what comes after it. I’m human which means daily interactions and long-term involvements catch up to me every day. I put a lot on my plate, yet, I’m so happy I did. Ending this post I want to just take a breath. I want to remember to come back to what I came here for. I want to continue writing and sharing my thoughts and energy with the world around me. I want to be an author of creative writing and how well I do at that or when that begins is something I cannot know. For now, I must focus on the questions at hand and stay positive.

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